Seasonal things you can do to prevent water issues

Protecting your home and garage from water should be at the top of the list no matter the season. After you’ve addressed the more permanent issues suggested in the previous post, these are things that can be done every year.


Make sure to clean eavestroughs and downspouts and ensure discharge is at least four feet away from buildings.

Check your window wells and outside drains and keep them free of debris. If you’re in a new home, check the lawn grading to ensure the slope continues to lead water away from the house. This is especially important after the first winter.

Remember that grading only refers to the ground. Gravel or decorative mulches do nothing to divert water and should not be factored into the grading equation.


Continue to keep eavestroughs clean. Maintain paint so no bare wood is exposed. Ensure caulking is in good shape.

Trim branches that are touching or are close to your buildings. Branches can damage roof shingles and siding, especially during periods of heavy winds, exposing your house to water.


Keep window wells and drains free of debris, and winterize exterior taps, irrigation systems and ponds.


It’s important to keep snow away from your house and garage, especially the stone or brick veneers, in order to prevent moisture-related damage and deterioration. You’ll want to keep snow away from any stucco as well and prevent snow buildup around entry doors and the base of windows.

Humidity has a big impact inside your home. As the temperature outside drops, so should the setting on your humidifier. If you see condensation on your windows during the winter, chances are your humidifier is set too high. Refer to the chart below for suggestions on managing your home’s humidity level.

Indoor Relative Humidity Levels that will keep thermal pane windows condensation free

Outside Air Temperature (°)

Maximum Indoor Relative Humidity at 20° (68°)

-30° or below 15%
-30° to -24° 20%
-24° to -18° 25%
-18° to -12° 35%
-12° to 0° 40%

Be sure to vent high humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens and ensure your dryer vents to the outside.

Seasonal things you can do to prevent water issues