Air quality testing

There is a justifiable expectation of “safe-to-breathe” air inside our homes in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas. While some air quality issues are apparent through odour and even taste, others are not so obvious. PROspections will capture air samples and run tests to identify the presence of mould spores or other sources of contamination.

It’s helpful to our inspectors and to you to know whether there were issues in the past that could affect the air you breathe. Getting this information might not always be possible. Either way, air quality testing can put your mind at ease and keep your family safe.

When the air quality report comes back from the lab, we’ll review it together and help you understand what it means to you and your home.  

Asbestos testing

Asbestos has been banned in Canada because its needle-like fibres can be released into the air as dust and be inhaled, leading to serious health issues.

Asbestos is a series of naturally occurring minerals with some pretty impressive strengthening and fireproofing properties. Up to the mid 1980s, asbestos was commonly used in building materials such as roofing shingles, tiles, flooring, drywall, siding and insulation. That was until we learned about its harmful effects through inhalation, causing or contributing to several serious cancers and diseases.

In Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas, a PROspections inspector can collect building material samples and have them tested for the presence of asbestos. Being a potentially significant health hazard, it’s important to know if asbestos is there, especially if you are planning on doing renovations. If asbestos is found to be present, we can direct you to appropriate remediation options.

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Radon testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that results from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. When this transformation occurs outside, there is no concern. But when it occurs inside the home, levels can accumulate to become a health risk, possibly leading to lung cancer. Studies have shown that up to one in eight homes in Alberta have high levels of radon present, requiring remediation measures.

Because testing for radon requires in-home testing over a minimum three-month period, PROspections recommends that homeowners conduct this testing on their own with readily available Radon Test Kits or monitors. If it’s determined that radon levels are above what’s recommended, PROspections can direct you to appropriate remediation options.

In Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas, homes built since 2018 require a rough-in be installed for a subfloor depressurization system for mitigating soil gas such as radon.