Can You Fail a Home Inspection? What to Know as a Buyer or Seller

Scheduling a home inspection is more than just another box you have to check off during the sale of a property. When performed properly, professional home inspection services can help you sell a home faster, or provide peace of mind for buyers and their agents. For older homes or new builds, making an informed decision about a home means having a full view of its overall condition and PROspections provides just that.

Calgary Home Inspections: Not a Pass or Fail Process

Unlike the exams you took in grade school, a home inspection isn’t your typical pass or fail type of test. The goal of a home inspector is to provide an in-depth report that covers the most common issues with a house, as well as the more subtle ones that often goes unnoticed. Once a home inspection report is completed, current and prospective owners will have an idea of all of the pain points of a house. From there, it is up to you whether or not you want to move forward with a sale or purchase.

For anyone that has the time, skill and budget for home repairs, a house can be a great investment property even if there are reported issues. If you are a plumber, reports that details leaks or minor plumbing issues might not see like a big deal. The only way to fail a home inspection is there are more issues than a buyer is willing to contend with.

For Sellers: It’s common practice for potential buyers to schedule an inspection before making a purchase but hiring a professional home inspection in Calgary is a good idea for sellers, as well. In the event that a potential buyer schedules a home inspection that turns up several issues, it might be enough for them to back out of a sale or demand a price reduction. By scheduling your own inspection before listing, you can identify and repair issues beforehand. If there are no issues detected in the property, show that clean bill of health to agents and buyers for peace of mind and potentially have any inspections clauses removed for a quicker sale.

For Buyers: As a buyer, you likely have a budget in mind for your next home. This budget will often include the sale price, as well as the price of any necessary updates or repairs that might need to be done. With this in mind, an inspection report might just be another to-do list. On the other hand, potential buyers might take a look at what needs to be done, price out the cost of repairs and decide that it isn’t worth it.

Home buying is an investment and any investment comes with a bit of risk. The home inspection industry is committed to limiting that risk, extending the lifespan of homes throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas, all while keeping clients happy.

By arriving on-scene with top of the line industry tools and techniques like thermal imaging, PROspections home inspectors in Calgary Alberta detail any existing plumbing, roofing, electrical or structural issues, along with mold, pests, windows, doors and drainage for a full view of overall condition.

Can You Fail a Home Inspection? What to Know as a Buyer or Seller