Is a Plumbing Inspection Part of a Home Inspection?

It is always a good idea to schedule a home inspection before committing to a property. Getting a full view of a property before signing on the dotted line can help to avoid disaster. More often than not the average home inspection doesn’t include plumbing systems or sewage scoping but these are incredibly important to the overall condition of a house. If you are in the market for a new home, book your Calgary sewer scope and plumbing inspection with PROspections.

The plumbing system inside a home is the key to comfort and sanitation. This system is made up of many pipes and drain lines throughout the home but they all connect to a main vein: the sewer line. In the event that a sewer pipe is clogged or damaged you can expect big trouble for your home. There is nothing worse than finalizing a sale, spending money on purchases, closing costs, movers and more only to end up with another large bill to repair sewer lines. Sewer scope inspections take an in-depth look at sewer lines so you know exactly what you are getting into!

Sewer Scoping What is it and Why is it Important?

Every home is made up of several systems working together to keep you comfortable. This will include the overall structures of the house, as well as electrical systems and most notably, the sewer system. Plumbing and sewage systems often don’t get much attention or maintenance because they are operating behind the scenes. Sewer scoping is a way to see inside these complex systems, identifying existing and potential problems.

Sewer scoping is the process of sending a mechanical snake into sewer systems. There is a camera attached to the snake and images of the lines and main stack (a large pipe that supports all of the surrounding lines, pipes and equipment) are projected onto monitors for review. During a video inspection, home inspectors are able to see the condition of materials, the presence of blockages and whether or not there is any visible tree root damage.

An experienced inspector will check sewer systems watching out for:

  • Broken or damaged pipes
  • Blockages, clogs, debris
  • Root damage
  • Settling or sagging sewer lines
  • Outdated or low-grade materials
  • Evidence of improper installations

Avoid Health Risks: A functional sewage system is key to cleanliness. Damaged plumbing lines and sewage backup introduce dangerous bacteria into homes. This is bad for anyone but it is especially problematic for those with compromised immune systems.

Avoid Costly Damage: When sewers are damaged they don’t just impact that one area of a home, it causes widespread problems. Issues with a sewer can quickly lead to flooded basements, water damage, drowned lawns, mold, as well as shifting and cracking in foundations.

Plan For Any Necessary Repairs: It is lot more cost-effective to pay for small repairs than full replacements. A basic repair on a sewer line can run as little as $300 per foot  while replacing sewer drains can range from $2,500 all the way up to $30,000 — and that’s just the pipe! Other issues will add additional costs, particularly when dealing with water damage, foundation repairs or mold removal. A sewer scoping will help to point out problem areas for repair before they become full-on disasters.

Decide if a Home Is Right For You: Purchasing an older home is appealing for a wide range of reasons but over time you can expect materials to wear out and degrade. When you are investing in a high ticket item like a house or condo you want to make sure that it is in good condition. If your inspection flags materials and predicts the upcoming need for replacements, you might decide not to purchase the home at all.

Plumbing Inspections in Calgary: Just Call PROspections

Plumbing inspections and sewer scoping can be scheduled at the same time as your home inspection to save time without sacrificing an in-depth assessment. Just give PROspections a call to book your camera scoping for Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians can inspect sewer lines from the main stack all the way to the municipal sewer system so you get peace of mind before your purchase.

Is a Plumbing Inspection Part of a Home Inspection?