Mould Inspections: Calgary Homeowners Are Taking a Proactive Approach

Homes in Calgary are designed to have character and built to withstand the elements. A harsh wind might not cause structural damage to your living space but mould can! It is hard to imagine that something as small as mould can bring down an entire household but this invasive growth is known cause damage, foul smells and even health issues. That is why instead of focusing on being reactive, many property owners in Calgary are choosing to be proactive and book professional mould testing for houses and commercial properties.

The weather in Calgary works in extremes. It can be tough to keep up with extreme cold in the winter months and high heats in summer. This broad swing from season to season makes Calgary the ideal climate for mould to form, thrive and spread. This is all the more reason to schedule in-depth testing at the first sign of mould growth.

How to Identify Mould Growth in Homes

When mould has taken over the surfaces of walls or flooring it is hard to miss but it can take years for this to happen. During that time your home will experience significant structural damage and serious risks to health and safety. Your best bet at avoiding serious and costly damage is to catch mould early and take preventative measures to stop it from spreading or forming again.

The primary signs of mould include:

Seeing Mould: Mould doesn’t have one definitive look. In fact, it can be black, brown, green or even white and often appears in either spots or patches. No matter the colour, this invasive growth spreads quickly and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Any damp organic surface is a prime location for mould to form and spread and this includes walls, carpets, ceilings, flooring and more.

Smelling Mould: Even if you can’t see mould, you will probably be able to smell it. Musty smells are often associated with basements and crawlspaces and that is because these areas are prone to mould growth. This odour can permeate an entire house but you might notice that it is stronger around typically damp areas like bathrooms or basements. If you notice a musty smell in your home, it is a good idea to go searching for mould just in case.

Experiencing Health Issues: Mould doesn’t just cause structural issues to homes, it presents health and safety concerns. For anyone with allergies or respiratory issues the presence of mould is serious business. If you start to experience cold-like symptoms including coughing, itchy eyes or a runny nose on a regular basis, mould might just be the cause. Investigating the possibility of mould is important here. Best case scenario your symptoms are caused by seasonal allergies and worst case scenario, early detection can help to mitigate damage.

Why Are Mould Inspections Important in Calgary?

Anywhere that experiences cold winters and humid summers should expect to contend with mould at some point. It is important to tackle mould as soon as possible to avoid health risks and expensive damage. Mould removal is a relatively straight forward procedure but if it has eaten away at construction materials, you are looking at more complicated repairs and replacements. Everything from poor ventilation, condensation, leaking pipes and even wet clothes can contribute to mould within your home, sometimes without you ever knowing it.

Booking a Calgary mould inspection with Prospections means valuable insight into the condition of your air quality, structures and the overall condition of your home. If you are looking to purchase a new home it is important to have a mould inspection performed before you sign on the dotted line. The presence of mould can drastically reduce your home value. Don’t take a risk when you can book a certified home inspector instead.

Mould Inspections: Calgary Homeowners Are Taking a Proactive Approach