Mould Testing in Calgary and Airdrie

The mould found in buildings is generally caused by water exposure in materials such as wood, insulation, drywall and finishing products. Mould is usually found in damp or dark areas like basements, kitchens and bathrooms, or anywhere there is high humidity levels or water exposure. Mould can result from flooding, sewer backups, leaks, seepage from exterior sources, even condensation. Mould doesn’t always present with visible signs or smells; there can be other indicators. The presence of mould and degree of exposure can result in health issues, as microscopic spores can become airborne and inhaled, with serious consequences.

Mould testing can determine if there is mould growing in your home, as well as what types and quantities of mould are present. To test for mould in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas, air samples are drawn from inside the building as well as outside for comparison, then examined in a laboratory. Samples that contain mould will be identified for type and concentration.

PROspections can perform the air sample collection and swab testing for lab analysis and advise on ways to reduce the risk of mould to your family and your home.

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