Sewer Scoping

A home buyer might not think to inspect the sewer line when investigating a potential property, but the reality is, they should, especially for older homes. A sewer scope will uncover issues relating to tree roots, material clogs or pipe deterioration, any of which can cause serious problems that can be unpleasant and expensive to fix.

Sewer scoping typically involves sending a mechanical “snake” down the line with a small video camera attached. The camera is inserted into the cleanout, which is usually located in the basement. Typically, the sewer line is inspected from the main stack all the way to the municipal sewer system. From there, the condition of the pipe can be assessed, and clogging problems can be identified so remediation can take place.

PROspections recommends scheduling the sewer camera inspection at the same time as the complete home inspection for time savings and convenience. Let us know if you want us to schedule the sewer camera inspection for you in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas.

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