Thermal Imaging Inspection in Calgary and Airdrie

Many issues affecting a building are not always visible to the naked eye. Some of these issues impact the home’s ability to adequately maintain its heating and cooling functions. A thermal imaging device can detect deficiencies without causing any impact or damage to your home’s structures.  

Thermal imaging is performed using an infrared camera, which converts energy (heat) into a visual image. Infrared is very useful in identifying areas where seals and insulation are insufficient or damaged, resulting in cold air entering a space or heat being allowed to escape from where it’s wanted. Improving a building’s energy efficiency is a smart move as well as a money saver. A heat loss inspection is the first step in this process.

Thermal Imaging can also be used to discover water leaks and other issues related to the building envelope in general. The device detects differences in surface temperature, therefore suggesting where water/mould could be present. Surfaces containing moisture are cooler and present differently on the device’s screen. Moisture issues can have serious impacts on your health and the integrity of your home, not to mention the added cost to remediate if left unchecked.

A comprehensive thermal imaging report outlining areas of heat loss, cold air infiltration, moisture and insulation issues is an essential part of the home inspection report.

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